DENiM Requirements & Architectural Approach report sent to External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB)

A key aspect of the DENiM project is engaging with relevant stakeholders to ensure the project is on the right trajectory from a scientific, industrial and impact perspective. To support this, the project has invited a number of external experts from various background (e.g. Industry4.0, digital technologies, energy management, policy and standardisation) to engage and provide guidance on the project activities.

The initial engagement with the DENiM EEAB has been very positive and fruitful for the project. They have helped re-enforce the DENiM concept and inform the requirements and architectural specification of the DENiM digital intelligence platform. The project have taken this onboard and consolidated their inputs into a report capturing the achievements of the first period of the DENiM project. This report to the DENiM EEAB serves as a summary of two key DENiM deliverables on the definition of current best practices, stakeholder analysis and pilot scenarios for energy efficient manufacturing systems, and DENiM architecture specification and semantic models. These deliverables have been instrumental for setting the foundation for the technical development in realising the initial prototype for the DENiM intelligence platform.

We look forward to engaging further with the advisors and ensuring the project can deliver a solution that has the maximum impact in terms of energy efficiency within the manufacturing sector.

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