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General Assembly in Espoo, Finland

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a critical meeting with our DENiM partners, held in Espoo, Finland. This gathering marked an important moment in our project as we focused on the final stages of deployment and evaluation of our innovative digital intelligence platform at four pilot sites.

During this meeting, hosted by our colleagues at VTT, we had the opportunity to deeply engage in strategic planning and detailed discussions, which are crucial as we move toward the project’s completion. It was an invaluable experience to align our goals and refine our approaches to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the final outcomes.

Additionally, we had the privilege of visiting VTT’s quantum computer lab, where we were introduced to the forefront of their research activities. This visit provided us with a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technologies that could shape the future of manufacturing and digital intelligence.

The face-to-face interactions have undoubtedly reinvigorated our collaboration and enthusiasm, reinforcing the strong synergy among the project partners. As we approach this critical juncture, our focus is sharpened on the final evaluation phase and the subsequent exploitation of the project results.

We are committed to keeping our stakeholders and interested parties updated as we progress. The insights and best practices garnered from this project promise to contribute significantly to advancing energy-efficient manufacturing systems.

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