Medical Device Manufacturing

DePuy Synthes is a medical device manufacturer mindful of their environmental impact, that will leverage the DENiM technologies to achieve more sustainable production and maximise the use of renewable energy.

Steel Components Manufacturing

Sidenor and CIE Galfor are two companies pertaining to the same value network in the steelmaking industry, for the automotive sector. DENIM will support the improvement of the current production by addressing the energy-efficient management of the steelmaking and forging processes.

Plastics Processing

MET, is a highly dynamic SME focusing on the production of mechanical components for the machinery industry. Acting on its highly variable production process DENIM will support the integration of loT based solutions for energy management, combining digital twin and energy modelling and optimization technologies.

Tools Production For Metal Processing

Gorenje ORODJARNA is one of the biggest Slovenian manufacturers of tools for sheet metal processing, progressive and transfer tools and injection moulding tools. Adopting a very high energy-intensive process, DENIM will support the identification of the most promising optimisations in terms of energy usage by extensively integrating digital twins of machining processes for production planning.