Sidenor and CIE Galfor are two companies pertaining to the same value network in the steelmaking industry, for the automotive sector. DENiM will support the improvement of the current production by addressing the energy-efficient management of the steelmaking and forging processes.

Objectives & Technologies

  • Increase the monitoring of environmental impact of the production of a crankshaft for the automotive sector
  • Optimise the electrical energy consumption in the steel melting process, by increasing its efficiency on thermal energy
  • Optimise the electrical energy consumption of the induction heating furnace by getting an accurate and homogeneous thermal distribution inside the billets
  • Increase awareness of energy efficiency within the manufacturing environment and provide upskilling and knowledge sharing

Expected Targets


>3 new Digital Twins including process models and energy optimisation will be deployed

Energy Efficiency

Energy reduction across the whole value chain of 20-25%

Cost Savings

LCC reduction of at least 15% of final product due to process optimisation