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First ENGINE Workshop

The first ENGINE workshop, an initiative aimed at creating a connection between H2020 projects, was held on Monday 12th April 2021.

The EuropeaN diGital Innovation Network (ENGINE) was born as a voluntary initiative inside the H2020 Manusquare project and currently involves projects running under the H2020 framework, with the common perspective of fostering the sharing, dissemination and exploitation of up-to-date information about projects results and initiatives, in order to mutually extend dissemination channels, find connection points among the participating projects, and promoting networking and cross-fertilisation in the EU based digital innovation domain.

The workshop consisted of two main parts: it has begun with a quick presentation of the initiative, its objectives and motivations bringing to the organization of the first workshop, followed by pitch presentations of all the projects involved held by related coordinators. The second part was intended to point out common problems and themes to be tackled by groups of projects, and to define potential activities to be held jointly in the next years. The participants were divided into three groups by the development status of each project (just started projects, in progress projects and ended / almost ended projects), thus giving the opportunity to address various common themes related to expected results and audiences to be targeted, topics and issues to be addressed (as well as any best practice) and dissemination opportunities.
The continuous collaboration is expected to bring benefits and new opportunities to DENiM.

Click the button to read more about DENiM in the pitch presentation.


13:00 Virtual greetings and ENGINE introduction
13:20 Projects’ pitch
14:00 Virtual round table (parallel sessions)
14:40 Wrap-up

Participating projects:
Just started:                                    In progress:                             Ended/Almost ended:
CAPRI                                               HYPERCOG                             Z-BREAK
KITT4SME                                        RECLAIM                                 BOOST 4.0
ECOFACT                                         LEVEL-UP                               MANUSQUARE
TEAMING.AI                                     INEDIT                                     ROSSINI
CO-VERSATILE                               EFPF                                         IQONIC
DENiM                                              TRINITY                     

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