Requirements Specification for Collaborative Energy Management

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The work on definition and collection of Requirements Specification for Collaborative Energy Management started on the beginning of the DENiM project in November 2020 and continued up to July 2021. The core objective of this work package was to inform the project foundations for technical development. This included a detailed stakeholder analysis, review of best practices and the identification of domain-specific requirements and reference scenarios for DENiM (Deliverable D3.1, Public).
The initial design and specification of a digital maturity tool was also completed focusing on the industry sectors represented by the DENiM pilot sites with an emphasis on supporting energy efficiency. As part of human competence and capabilities profiling a database of new job archetypes was created based on the DENiM skills assessment, which will support the identification of personalised training plans. (Deliverable D3.2, Public).
To support the environmental and economic impact assessment of DENiM this work package identified appropriate key performance indicators to support the DENiM validation at the pilot sites in the context of lifecycle assessment and lifecycle cost analysis methodologies, which will be used in the assessment. (Deliverable D3.3, Public).
Driven by the requirements analysis, the specification of the overall architectural framework for the DENiM digital intelligence platform was completed, including the identification of mechanisms for secure data sources integration, adaptive stream processing modules for advanced analytics, information and data flow management (including initial specification of semantic models), modelling modules and decision support tools for energy efficient management of manufacturing processes. This will create a common language to facilitate compatibility and the sharing of energy and environmental data across industry sectors. (Deliverable D3.4, Public).

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