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Holistic Modeling for Continuous Performance Assessment

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Holistic Modeling for Continuous Performance Assessment started in April 2021 and continues up to year 2024. This work provides energy-centric modeling-related information, capabilities, and tools for the implementation needs of the DENiM platform. So far, the main progress has been made in the detailed planning of tasks and in gathering all relevant information and data from the modelling point of view.

During the first year of the project, both the development of data quality service and energy modelling principles have been in progress. Integration of the quality component into the DENiM interoperability manager has been completed and demonstrated. In addition, the general process for specification of the model preparation and selection method for scalable energy prediction and the data catalogue have been created. From a modelling point of view, pilot-related working groups have started data collection and identification of processes to be modelled, and first energy-centric models have been introduced.

The development of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis) tools started in August 2021. The novelty of these tools lies in the data acquisition; the links to real-time, digital data shall allow for a more agile and reliable assessment than the traditional LCA and LCCA. The approach based on simulation data supports both sustainability monitoring and decision-making, as well as achieving the targets for reducing cost and carbon footprint.

The next step will be the contribution to Milestone 2, which is due in April 2022. This milestone constitutes the first iteration of the development process with respect to the data quality component, the first pilot-related energy-centric process models, and the LCA and LCCA tools.

The project group is working on three conference papers and articles on the subject, the first of which will be on the LCA-LCCA framework for energy-efficient manufacturing and it will be presented at the World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2022) in October 2022 in Sevilla, Spain.

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