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Standardization Workshop To Standardization Bodies #2

In the month of December DENiM project took part in the second edition of the standardization workshop organized by ENERMAN project. The event collects contributions from sister EU projects working in the field of energy efficiency in industrial sectors as ECOFACT and DENiM, with the aim to provide new contributions in the development end promotion of standards and best practices, as well as define new standards. The first part of the project, more oriented to the procedure to reach new standards has been characterized by the participation of the German standardization body DIN that presented the procedure. The second part of the event left ample space for the presentation of project activities.

DENiM presented the results of the pilot energy audits done during the first year of project with the aim to define the pilot baseline and the definition of the KPIs. The four pilots have been presented making in evidence the characteristic of the factory production and the level of digitalization available at the beginning of DENiM. This activity has been done in accordance with the European standards EN 16247 which define the Energy Audit procedures. The output of this first activity is a list of KPIs which are the parameters used for the impact assessment in the second part of DENiM.
After this first part, DENiM presented the methodology used for the definition of the evaluation plan in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).
The workshop ended with an interesting open debate on the energy costs issues and the difficult to use the current prices to analyze energy performance measures. This fact put places more and more at the center of interest, the need to increase energy digitalization in industrial sectors and develop strategies for the energy optimisation.

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