DT-FOF-09-2020 – Energy-efficient manufacturing system management – Project Cluster Catalogue

Under the umbrella of H2020-EU. – Technologies for Factories of the Future the DT-FOF-09-2020 – Energy-efficient manufacturing system management topic, DENiM was funded with other 3 projects:
ENERMAN: ENERgy-efficient manufacturing system MANagement (958478)
ECOFACT: ECO-innovative Energy FACTory Management System based on enhanced LCA and LCCA towards resource-efficient manufacturing (958373)
• E2COMATION: Life-cycle optimization of industrial energy efficiency by a distributed control and decision-making automation platform (958410)

Thanks to the ENGINE initiative, these projects have started working together to define cross activities and maximize results impact. This cluster of projects as part of a series of collaborative activities will produce a catalogue that will outline the specific project objectives, expected impact, industrial sectors and an overview of their demonstration and validation pilots. 

The purpose of this catalogue is to provide an understanding of the individual projects as well as being a mechanism to identify the unique offerings and synergies of this project cluster. The expectation is that the catalogue will be published in June 2022.

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