Pathways to Energy Efficient Manufacturing through Digitisation

A white paper has been released presenting the findings of four EU-funded projects under DT-FOF-09-2020 – Energy-efficient manufacturing system management, focused on identifying innovative ways and best practices for leveraging digital technologies to implement more energy-efficient manufacturing systems.

The four funded DT-FOF-09-2020 projects have the task of collectively contributing solutions to the pathway milestones, with the aim of providing new innovative solutions that are evaluated and validated across different industrial sectors, promoting best practices and sharing knowledge and lessons learned to help accelerate the digital and green transition for the manufacturing industry.

This white paper defines a pathway towards energy efficiency that enables industry to understand their current situation and stimulate the definition of a strategic roadmap to incorporate energy efficiency as a key criterion in operational and organizational decision-making. The defined pathway offers an initial starting point for dialogue and engagement with industry on how to maximize the use of digital tools and services to embed energy efficiency in their current operations.

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